A product recommendation app suggests products to customers based on their browsing history and purchase behavior.

Order Lookup Pro

An order lookup app enables customers to track the status of their orders by entering their order ID or email.

AI Content Writer

The AI Content Writer app generates product descriptions, blog posts, and other content using advanced natural language processing algorithms.

AI Chatbot Shopping Assistant

The AI Chatbot shopping assistant app helps customers navigate the online store, answer questions, and make purchase recommendations.

ChatGPT – AI Search & Recommendation

Limitations of BigCommerce built-in Search

1) No Real-time Search Suggestions: The platform may lack real-time search suggestions or auto-complete features, which can improve user experience and help customers find products more efficiently. 

2) Speed and Performance: Depending on the size of the store and the number of products, the built-in search feature may not always deliver results quickly, potentially affecting user experience.

3) Scalability: As the product catalog grows, the built-in search may face scalability issues, leading to slower search results.

Our Solution – AI Search and Search Recommendation

The ChatGPT AI Search & Recommendation app offers three primary features:

– It includes an AI-powered search engine that delivers immediate and precise search results, improving the user experience.

– ChatGPT, our AI chatbot, provides personalized product recommendations based on user search queries, enhancing product discovery.

– The app prioritizes user privacy through a private AI ChatGPT Search Engine, ensuring precise recommendations while safeguarding personal data.

This combination optimizes the search and product recommendation process, benefiting e-commerce platforms and similar services. Users can anticipate swift and accurate search results, tailored product suggestions, and data protection, resulting in an enhanced online shopping experience.

ChatGPT – AI Search & Recommendation
  • Improve the overall shopping experience, and present the correct product to your customer
  • Utilizes advanced algorithms and natural language processing capabilities
  • Increase the likelihood of making a purchase
  • Personlize Product Recommendation
  • Increase store owner revenue and profit

Product Features


Enhanced User Experience

The AI-powered search engine provides instant and accurate results, improving the overall user experience by helping users find what they need quickly.

Optimized Product Discovery

The combination of search and recommendation features optimizes the product discovery process, making it easier for users to explore and purchase items on e-commerce platforms.

Personalized Product Recommendations

ChatGPT’s AI chatbot offers tailored product recommendations based on user search queries, increasing the chances of users finding products that match their preferences and needs.

Privacy Protection with out private ChatGPT Server

AI ChatGPT Search Engine, ensuring precise recommendations while safeguarding personal data. The app prioritizes user privacy through a private AI ChatGPT Search Engine, ensuring that personal data is safeguarded while still delivering accurate recommendations.

Swift and Accurate Results

Users can expect rapid and precise search outcomes, saving time and frustration when searching for products.

Free Plan

  • $0 per montn
  • Up to 1,000 products
  • 1,000 searches per month

Started Plan

  • $19 per month
  • Up to 1,000 products
  • 50,000 searches per month

Enterprise Plan

  • $399 per month
  • Up to 100,000 products
  • Unlimited searches per month